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(03/12/07) Gloucester Montessori School schedules Open House for area families.

Gloucester Montessori School, based out of Gloucester Court House, is a private and independent school for children ages 2.5 through 15 (grades pre-K through 9).  The school is growing and is having an Open House on Sunday, March 25th, from 1-3 PM, for local families who are interested in learning more about the school and about the Montessori Method of education that is utilized there.  For more information, please contact the school at (804) 693-6455.


Past Messages

(06/23/04) Gwynn's Island Festival Will Be Here Any Day Now!

This year's 56th Annual Gwynn’s Island Festival will kick off on Friday, June 25th. The festival will continue Saturday, the 26th with a day of entertainment, exhibits, arts and crafts booths, food, and music. For more information call—CRICKET CALL @ 804-725-7577. 

(05/5/04) Sam's Club in Gloucester!!

The rumor mill says that Sam's Club Discount Warehouse has purchased the property just south of the Super Wal-Mart in Gloucester. Clearing in the rear of that property has already begun as of this date. WOW! What a difference a few years have made in Gloucester!

(09/20/03) What a Mess!!!

Unless you've been hiding under a barrel (and you may have to save your skin!) you know all about the destruction left in the County from Hurricane Isabel. Izzy's gone but she left a big mess for all of us to clean up. In case you haven't had a chance to get out and check out the County, here are a few photos of some of the presents left for us by Ms. Izzy.

(09/17/03) Mathews County Emergency Information for Hurricane Isabel

Check out this site for official info from the County of Mathews on Hurricane Isabel.

(09/17/03) The Latest Rumors About New Stores in Gloucester

There is talk about a Target store moving into the old Wal-Mart building in Gloucester. There are also rumors about a new Chilis restaurant. We will see soon enough!

03/18/03) Gwynn's Island Festival Will Be Here Before You Know It!

A fried chicken dinner will kick off the 55th Annual Gwynn’s Island Festival on Friday, June 27th. Take out dinners with all the fixings will be available beginning at 4:30 with "dine-in" meals available at 5:00 at the Cultural Center for $7.00 a meal. The festival will continue Saturday, the 28th, from 9:30 until 4:00 PM with a day of entertainment, exhibits, arts and crafts booths, food, and music. For more information call—CRICKET CALL @ 804-725-7577. 

(03/18/03) Nottingham Bites the Dust (literally!)

The Barracks shopping center is no more, with the exception of the ugly post office building, it's all gone but a pile of rubble. Now, with the new large parking lot at Food Lion and the use of parking around the old courthouse when the new courts facility is completed, there will be far more parking in the village! 

(08/15/02) Home Depot & Lowes in Gloucester?

The word is that Lowes Home Improvement will be building their new store in Gloucester soon, ready in the Spring. Now Home Depot may be locating there as well. It is typical for these two behemoths to locate near each other, but can our tiny market area sustain them? Wow, how Gloucester is growing!

(06/16/02) Food Lion in Mathews

The "Nottingham" shopping center in Mathews (better known to us as Barracks shopping center) will soon be bulldozed to make way for a Food Lion, and lots more parking. How do you feel about that? Let us know at If we get enough responses, we'll post the results online.

(05/29/02) Summer is almost here!

As warm weather brings back our annual flock of visitors with their boats and retriever dogs in tow, we remember that patience (and friendliness) are Mathews virtues!

(05/01/02) Artists Welcome!

Mathews County artists are rejoicing in the resources available to them in the County. The Bay School Cultural Arts Center in Mathews holds courses in just about every area of interest that you can imagine. Give 'um a call. You know that you want to.

(05/01/02) Been by the "New" Library Yet? 

The newly refurbished Mathews Memorial Library is a beautiful example of what our community can accomplish when we set our minds to something. Special thanks to those intrepid volunteers who made it all possible and to those monetary donors too!

(05/01/02) New Point Lighthouse - The Whole Story

Rumor has it that the Mathews County Historical Society is working on a definitive report on the history of our lighthouse. Additional research on the lighthouse's builder and this writer's ancestor, Elzy Burroughs, is in the works by "yours truly." We should all soon know quite a bit more about our beloved landmark.

(05/01/02) New Point Lighthouse - The Future

If something is not done soon, the Chesapeake will likely take our lighthouse back. The light has recently been added to the state's top-ten endangered list of historic sites. A small group of volunteers is working on a way to not only save the lighthouse, but to restore the original New Point Island to it's former glory. Don't believe it can be done? Keep your eye on this site for more info, coming soon.

(05/01/02) These Little Guys Need a Home 

You can find them and their friends at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society on Route 14 in Gloucester.

(05/01/02) Looking for a New Home Yourself? 

Our database of area realtors is unsurpassed. The Featured Home to the right is available now, as are many others. Check them out!




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